Your addiction is showing.

Two years ago I outed myself as obsessed with food and my body, and eventually named it as a relapse into the bulimia that had plagued me in my late teens and early twenties. My addiction to “healthy”/clean/Paleo eating was obvious to anyone who had cared to look for it from my frequent posts ofRead more

Idle Hands

The Bible say “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” I don’t much subscribe to what can be found in the Bible these days. I haven’t for well over a decade. And yet, there’s something ringing somewhat true in that statement for me in this season of life. Idle hands. Well, they beg to be filledRead more

Miss Six

My little Lou Bear. I’ve written so little about you since your infanthood. You live the lot of the youngest child—no baby book, no professional photos, no long-winded blogs detailing your every milestone. You’ve survived your birth order (after all, you know nothing different) and somehow come to be six years old before us withRead more

To Write in the Age of Social Media.

I’ve blogged for the better part of sixteen years. Now is not the age of blogging. The age of blogging was somewhere circa 2007-2010, coincidentally right before–and as–Facebook descended upon the world. Nowadays people can’t read a post over 900 words. That is if you can even get them to click off their social crackRead more

I Present Myself.

I have often said I need to write to live. Thus, it baffles me when I go periods of time with my laptop shut down, in semi-conscious denial that my mind, heart, and soul inevitably follow. I don’t write for many reasons. Time. Energy or drive. Lack of content. Overwhelm of content. Appropriateness. Secrets. SecretsRead more

Rehab Update #2: Spirit Animal

Yesterday I sat in a basement room covered in murals of Native American rituals, nature, and spirit animals littered through a spiraling serene sky and I spent an hour detailing each trauma of my thirty-two years and six months on this earth with four other women in their fifties and sixties. We call this theRead more

Rehab Update #1: Rehab is Not Vacation

Today is Day Six in what I’m now affectionately calling “spa-rehab”. Saturday, April 15th. In the sky, Venus stationed direct in conjunction with Chiron. Chiron is the wounded healer. Take from that what you will. What I would say about rehab is that it is surreal. The stunning facility. The hippy-dippy therapeutic approach. The ultra-organic,Read more

Why I can tell my boss I have a drinking problem and am going to rehab.

Short answer: I’m white. Medium answer: I’m white and White Supremacy is real. Also, federal job protections. Long Answer: I’m white, married to a man, middle class appearing, attractive by general societal standards, and able-bodied unless I open my mouth and tell you I’ve got a host of mental health challenges that could be consideredRead more