Quiet weekends.

You know that feeling, when your Saturday is coming to a close, and your stomach drops a little at the thought of another crazy week? And then you remember that tomorrow is Sunday. And that your Sunday is free!* That. I’m thankful for that. For an bonus break, briefly forgotten. For all the opportunities aRead more

Flexibility (as a family, through this transition).

Any brewing post ideas I ever have are long and involved. Or at least beyond the 5-10 consecutive free minutes I have had the past two weeks. And no, I am not exaggerating. With classes beginning next week I know my time will become even more stretched. I’m still pretty in-shock as to how muchRead more

Another sick day.

It’s another sick day for us! Oh the joys. Thankfully it’s not actually us. As of this moment, it is just Dot. She spiked a high high fever yesterday (we’re talking 104º-105º range). Meds brought it down, but just two or three degrees. So she’s home from daycare. And missing gymnastics this evening too. AndRead more