Rockaway Beach Contractors

Backstory. Here is an establishing shot and this is the first we heard of the in-progress duplex next door. Are you caught up? Great. Further backstory. My parents have owned this house for over ten years. In that time there has never been anything next door but an empty lot. Often, for a number ofRead more

Childproofing. Again.

Yesterday was a big day around here. First Ali randomly began opening the cupboards. First the one where her bibs are kept, then the one where her snacks are. Hungry much? Then she opened the bottom drawer where her cups and empty baby food containers are. Today we bought some drawer and cupboard locks areRead more


I’m tired. Tony just woke up from a nap. Ali is, I think, successfully down for one. We’re going to a spaghetti feed at City Hall tonight to benefit the Parks and Recreation department. I was kind sickish this morning (no energy, semi nauseous, chills, and slightly high temp) but feeling passable now. Luckily, TonyRead more