Ashley’s phone.

Sorry, I’m too tired to edit much so I basically picked them all. The pumpkins we carved Halloween 2006. I think mine is the bottom. Driving in awful Seattle rush hour traffic. Circa fall 2006. Two weeks old! Two months! Welcome to town. Also I don’t think I’ve ever posted a picture of Ali’s forkedRead more

Happy Birthday Shayla Nicole!

On Tuesday we had the great honor of accompanying Shayla to her birthday lunch. Cynthia and Joel (her parents) had just returned from their two-week honeymoon cruise the day before. It was Shayla’s first time meeting Ali and she was soooo cute. And, in general, Shayla is so funny! She kept me laughing the entireRead more

Camera crazy. Sleeping through the night?

Two nights could be a fluke, but the night before last Ali slept from eleven-thirty to six-thirty and last night she broke that record by sleeping from twelve-thirty to eight-thirty! Maybe she just picked up on how exhausted I was. The last couple days I’ve felt so much better….even if I’m getting the same amount of sleepRead more

Happy birthday Grand-mere!

August 11th was Billie’s birthday, and last night we went out for thai to celebrate. Ali was wearing her new (five-dollar Freddy’s clearance) outfit, bought especially for the event. I wish all the clothes she has could be interchangeable, no matter the size. She has so many adorable dresses for 3 months and over, andRead more