Take your daughter to work day.

At least I’m pretty sure it was. There was an extraordinarily young girl in a Fred Meyer uniform at the store today. And the contractor working next door had one of his little girls with him. So, Tony "took" Ali to work for a bit as well. Adorable, I know. Now, somethings that have beenRead more

Sleep and stuff.

Yesterday was the first time Ali was really affected by the going ons next door. She usually is awake in three hour increments. Awoke from morning nap at eleven (only down thirty minutes), so should have been sleepy again around two, maybe two-thirty. Went down close to three-thirty. The hammering (they’re working on the foundation…orRead more

Day to day.

With so much going on (or maybe so little?) it’s easy to forget the nitty gritty of blogging about daily life. Or at least posting picture of "everyday." So…..let’s see. Weather has been crazy! Lots of hailstorms and even rain mixed with snow. Even some "sticking" or whatever you call it when you wake inRead more