Some of what we’ve been up to.

Hmmm, that’s a good question. We’ve been home for a week and two days now. We’re leaving again, probably Friday. Really it’s all starting to blur… The weather has been basically extraordinary. Probably a reason for my lack of blogging. There have been a couple grey and rainy days mixed in, which is okay becauseRead more

Doesn’t feel like blogging.

Hmmm. Status update much? If you don’t understand that then you really should enter the social networking arenta where the rest of the world (or at least my generation) plays 24/7. We are all sick here. With some nasty cold that is hardest on Ali since she can’t take any meds for her stuffy noseRead more


Ok, here’s some catch-up pics. Last week it was actually warm enough to get in the water a bit. Ali reading about the new season of Sesame Street on the pot. She has now discovered simulated phone usage. Which involves the phoneheld in the vicinity of her ear, and screamed baby-babble. Here she was specificallyRead more

A few notable things.

Bedtime is going great. It’s the middle of the night that’s a struggle. I can only do about one wake up where I put her back down because it takes me forever to fall asleep again. The second time I’m right back in bed with her. Only thing is, we put the trundle Ali andRead more

The Swalla farm.

As already mentioned Wednesday we ventured out to the Swalla farm in Stuart, Iowa. It was like thirty or forty minutes west of where we were staying in Johnston. I think we were able to get up, showered, and ready by just after ten. Tony’s Grandma Swalla lives on the farm, along with one ofRead more

Catching up, at long last.

I don’t know even where to begin anymore, so I’m trying to look back through pictures to guide my way. These first ones are from the day we left Portland, last Friday. It was pretty warm, whenthe sun was out but there were spotty clouds so…well, isn’t that the NW? Anyway, we almost always leaveRead more