Happy and Hard.

Oh that’s quite the title isn’t it? But really, it’s a good description of the past few weeks. Maybe add “crazy” except that’s just a given at this point I think. People tell me how busy I/we are, or how crazy our life is or ask again how many roles I’m currently playing on theRead more

Ninety [90] Days of Paleo and Crossfit.

This coming weekend marks three months since I embarked on this journey. One month later I graduated from the On Ramp class, which means I have now been doing legit Crossfit workouts for two months. And by “legit” I mean, modified for not-so-crazy-fit status. I’m not sure I do any workouts, as they say, Rx.Read more

Mid-summer is a brief reprieve.

Ahhhhh, a post. This is what I’ve been longing to do for days now. Weeks? How long has it been? Time is slipping through my fingers as usual. Our recent weekend adventures that involve days of prepping the week before and bleed into the week after have sapped most semblance of normalcy around here. WeRead more

Family Biking Conundrum.

When I was a kid, biking was a given. My parents had bikes and before I could ride my own I rode in a seat on the back of theirs. I watched my siblings (I have three younger ones) rotate through the trailer, and didn’t look twice at my mom pulling them two at aRead more

Turning a day around.

Sorry to everyone waiting for the Part II of M&M’s birth story. I’ve been otherwise occupied this week! Last night my baby sister (I’m the oldest of four) graduated from high school. This caused me to be out until about 11pm and, with pumping and decompressing, I didn’t get to sleep until midnight. I typicallyRead more

The things that are good.

There are a host of things that are working out well, finally falling into place, or pleasantly surprising lately. The baby sleeps! Well, during the day at least. Naps are now a piece of cake and I’ve lengthened her awake time from 90 minutes to two hours or a little more. This cuts out atRead more

Crossfit On Ramp and Paleo-lite: Day Five

Going well! I’m feeling good. More importantly I’m feeling better. The workouts are intense as hell (and this is only the skills-building stage!) but quick. I leave my house at ten-to-seven and get home just before 8am. It’s making the days feel crazy long, but not in a bad way. I think some of myRead more

Operation #makeitbetter.

After this post, I embarked on Operation #makeitbetter. It began last Friday and it’s orginal goal was to make that day better than the one before. It was successful and I have had better days since just doing a few things differently. Nothing here is anything new, only newly prioritized. Though M&M is now fourRead more