No ‘poo: Is a shampoo-free lifestyle right for you? For me?

Though it’s been around for awhile, the no ‘poo movement has popped into my conscious in recent weeks. Seriously, I think I’m having one of those moments where life is sending you a message. I first linked to Bambino Steps from a tweet. Then I stumbled upon A Sonoma Garden when searching for a summerRead more

Superkids Resale and Twice Around the Block (consignment sales in portland, or)

This is only my second consignment “season” but I was surprised that these sales ended up on the same weekend. On my first go-round this past fall they were a week a part. Since I’m a buyer and not a seller (not yet anyway!) it makes for a big extravaganza. Truth is, we didn’t needRead more

A week of cloth diapering.

This afternoon marks one week, not only of actively cloth diapering, but actively NOT using disposable diapers. We have made it one week without. Though I am not at all overly opposed. I still have a few ‘sposies tucked in my purse and an emergency one in the car and an entire sleeve in theRead more