Rehab Update #2: Spirit Animal

Yesterday I sat in a basement room covered in murals of Native American rituals, nature, and spirit animals littered through a spiraling serene sky and I spent an hour detailing each trauma of my thirty-two years and six months on this earth with four other women in their fifties and sixties.

We call this the Journey to Completion.

My first day in this group we crossed over the threshold from the world so many of us are walking upon, into the underworld. We then went on a drum journey where I met me spirit animal: a beaver.

You are generally a team player. You work well in groups with set common goals even though you are self-sufficient. You know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play and take great joy and pride in strong structured, and disciplined family connections. Beaver people are always motivated and willingly start new and creative projects. They are not afraid to build on their dreams.

Yesterday we also went on a drum journey. During these we are instructed to imagine ourselves in a meaningful place in nature with a trusted person. We see our person telling us good-bye and that they will be there when we return. We then busy our mind with the action of digging into the ground until we appear in another setting. That is when your spirit animal may come to you and–if they do–you should follow them and are given the opportunity to ask them questions.

During my first drum journey I met my beaver in the ocean and followed them to a river and a den. During my second drum journey I took the opportunity to ask my spirit animal many questions. The exchanges went like this:

The Beaver is waiting for me, practically poking it’s head through the hole as soon as I start digging.

Princess. Daughter. It says. Woman. Mother. Grandmother.

“What am I here for?” To love.

We hold hands and look at the timeline of traumas I’ve just presented to the group.

This is your story. “What am I supposed to do with it?” Tell it. “How?” Write. “How?” One day at a time.

“Why are you a beaver?” I am as I am just as you are as you are.

“Why did I forget things on my timeline?” Because you are not ready.

“What can I call you?” Grandma.

And that was it. The drumming came to a close and we then move backward through whatever scenario has come to pass, come out of the hole we dug, and reunite with our loved ones wherever we have left them. We then share our journeys, write down what we experienced and move forward with life gifted with the nuggets of wisdom found in our own psyches and spirits.

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