Where the Time Goes (hint: it’s the naps).

Something has been different lately. The last month or so.

No, it’s not the job. Or the coursework. Or the weather or the money or….or.

It’s the children. And it’s their schedules.

Dot and M&M attend two separate daycares. Pre-daycare M napped twice a day, an hour or so in both the morning and afternoon. Now she naps once a day for 1.5-2hrs, around 11 or 11:30. Dotter still naps once a day (a few months from five and going strong…no shame here, the more sleep a kiddo can get the better I think), usually for an hour in the early afternoon.

four year old girl preschooler napping car graco nautilus defiant arms crossed cranky napper long day missed nap
This girl needs her nap (despite what she may think).

Friday, Saturday and Sunday both kiddos are home. Here is what those days looks like:

Dot gets up around 6:45am. M lately sleeps until 7:30-8.

Breakfast between seven and eight, then playing or getting ready to run errands or whatever.

I try to keep in mind that M is used to a 9am snack but usually drop the ball as that seems so soon after breakfast.

About 10-10:30 the little one is usually acting tired, especially if we are just staying home. (If we’re out, we easily don’t get home until 11:30-12 and then, oh shit, I remember the exhausted toddler needs lunch before she goes down). I will get her some lunch-ish snack and then put her down for nap.

Now it’s time for some 1-on-1 with Dot. Or, it’s my only chance to do anything without a toddler tugging on my pant leg so I better get busy. But usually Dot has at least some little thing she has been planning to do while her sister naps. Around noon I make lunch for the two of us and between 12:30 and 1:30 Dot heads up for her nap. Lately we’ve been reading the American Girl and the Little House books, so usually it’s a good 30min of pre-nap book reading.

And then it’s pretty typical for M to wake pretty much as I’m leaving Dot’s room. So we try to play quietly, or sometimes eat and then begins the 30-60min of getting Dot to actually lay down long enough to go to sleep. It’s not uncommon for her to ask me to lay with her as soon as her sister wakes. She typically falls asleep around 2pm and wakes 3-3:30. Usually about the time I remember that M hasn’t eaten in 4+ hours and even then it was rather snack-ish blah blah blah, M has a second–but still snack-ish–lunch.

This whole scenario is less than ideal because it has eliminated any opportunity for me to do naptime homework (or blogging or housework). It creates a good 4hr window when I need to keep one of the other kid quiet and greatly limit the time we can do anything. And poor M gets these weird afterthought lunches. Lastly, the girls mostly just want to be together.

In short, it’s kinda driving me nuts and it’s the hugest flipping time suck.

So if you’re wondering where our time has been going? It’s there. Even on the weekends when both parents are home, at least one of us is always occupied with a kid. I’m not sure there’s a solution to this “problem” except time and powering through it. But it is seriously bizarre how a schedule change can toss life on a whole different track.

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