First Whole30


Today I’m starting my first Whole30. Almost ten months into Paleo eating and it’s time to go hard (and take a break from heavy cream–yikes!). For the most part my food choices are on track, Paleo-wise, but I do let diary sneak in; I like my 99% dark chocolate and I’ve developed quite the sunflower seed butter habit.

Mostly I’m worried about my coffee. If only Starbucks carried coconut milk. So, here goes nothing. Butter, I’ll miss ya!

3 thoughts on “First Whole30

  1. Coconut milk FTW! I am also sad that Starbucks doesn’t use it! I got a hemp milk latte once when the (non-Starbucks) barista had run out of soy. It was…interesting :/

  2. I also stressed about the coffee situation, but I have a Keurig and I’ve noticed that if I buy the “flavored” coffee that doesn’t have sugar – naturally flavored – vanilla, hazelnut, toffee – no added calories, no artificial sweetner and heat up my coconut milk (unsweetened, I use SoDelicious), I can make a pretty mean faux latte (since it’s not expresso) and I don’t feel deprived or think the coffee is nasty. SBx also told me they would make me a cold drink if I brought in my own milk but couldn’t steam the coconut milk for me (yes, I was that desperate)

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