Before Noon.

If I ever wonder why I prefer to be in bed long before 9pm I will refer to this post. This is not necessarily a typical day, then again I’m not sure what typical even looks like in this raising-little-kids season of life.

I crawl out of bed about 5:35am. I have fifteen or so minutes to pee, brush my teeth, throw workout clothes on, fill my water bottle and get out the door. I’m groggier than usual–could be the rain, could be that I’m still getting up 2-3 times per night with the baby. M&M stirs. I creep into her room but she’s asleep. I leave. She cries out. I nurse her and put her back down.

Now I’m late. I scramble into clothes and speed out the door. The latest I’ve ever left is eight minutes til. It’s 5:55am. I’m one minute late to crossfit and have to do five burpees (one per minute). The WOD (workout of the day) is 5 Deadlifts (three sets), 5 Squat Cleans (in my case power cleans, still working on some hip asymmetry; four sets), 9 Burpees with max lateral jump (three sets) and 100 Double Unders. Since I have yet to complete a successful double under I just spent about fifteen minutes whipping my legs and getting frustrated.

I have thus far been home right about 7am (which is perfect because that’s when the light on Dot’s fancy alarm clock turns green and signals she can gets out of bed). Since I was supposed to stay until I got a double under I was late and didn’t leave until 7:10 or so. On the way back I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things (3lb. bacon, chuck roast, flax seed meal, onion and tall drip coffee w/ heavy whipping cream). I got home at 7:25am and it wasn’t until I was heading over the hill toward home that I remembered Tony had a work call at 7:15. Oops!

I rescue M&M from the inter-workings of Microsoft. I nurse her (and my coffee) while D plays on the iPad and I try to get out of her a timeline of their morning thus far. It seemed M woke about 7am so I put her down at 8am. We’d been trying to keep her up closer to two hours in the morning but it’s become clear she needs to go back down as close to an hour after waking as possible.

After M is down (she coos and cries for thirty minutes which is odd, she is usually out like a rock) I get to work on my bacon. While Dot watches an Eloise Christmas DVD we need to return to the library, I fry about a pound of bacon, bake another pound-ish, and save the rest. Dot has a mini wheat bagel with cream cheese, bacon, milk and part of a banana for breakfast (she only actually eats a few bites of bagel, a strip and a half of bacon and a few sips of milk). I have two scrambled eggs topped with yesterday’s homemade guacamole and about five bacon strips. Mmmmmm.

After breakfast D moves on to her Leapster for a bit while I follow this recipe and get my chuck roast started in the slow cooker. Bonus points for using the lard-filled bacon pan for searing the roast. Once that’s done Dot and I play a game of Candyland. Then we begin making Paleo Banana Bread (or in our case muffins).

As she tries her hand at mashing bananas I tell her she needs to get mad at them. So she does and that leads to her telling the bananas that they are “mean like Mommy!” I ask her what that means and she says because I say “No” about stuff that she wants to do. Glad to be the source of your anger, kid.

Of course M wakes not long after we start. It’s 9:30 and I’d like her to sleep for 90 minutes to two hours. But when I go upstairs is obvious a re-nap is not going to happen, as she practically chortles when I walk into the room.

We try to finish up the muffins while M watches. Then while I wear her. When we at last put them in the oven, M is screaming on the floor in the kitchen. Such is life sometimes. Nursing is what she was after so we do that and then play with Dot in the playroom for a while. I get to brush the knots out of Rapunzel’s hair. Dot plays with her Bristle Blocks, her Olivia house/pirate boat and dresses up as Tinkerbell.

When the muffins are done I’m kind of surprised Dot is eager to try one and even more surprised when she wolfs it down and asks for another. I have two too, because they’re pretty darn good. Even the husband tries one and says so. Success!

While we snack M plays contentedly on the floor of the playroom. Since she woke at 9:30 she needs to go down between 11-11:30. At 11am we all move upstairs to play in M’s room for a bit. Dot “reads” Dr. Seuss ABC’s before I put M down. I head downstairs to tackle the mess of dishes. I am somewhat giddy over my glean of bacon lard from the morning festivities. I start the dishwasher.

I listen as Dot “reads” Ramona and Beezus aloud. This seems to mostly involve her acting out a fantastical Ramona-tantrum, to which Mr. or Mrs. Quimby respond by telling Ramona to shape up, to which Ramona screams “I WILL NOT!” It’s pretty entertaining.

I leave Dot playing school and head up for a shower. As I get out Dot comes in and tells me she’s been watching Monster’s Inc. on her iPod at school. I tell her I watch a lot of movies at school too. She asks about what which leads to a conversation that touches on adoption, war, and the fact that we each have our own Life Stories.

And then it’s Noon.

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