The perfect nap schedule.

Is that possible? I didn’t think so. But then today happened.

M&M slept in until about 8:15am. This is not super unusual for her but the previous day she was up around 7am and sometimes is up even earlier, thanks to an overly energetic big sister that rises before 6:30am daily.

She went down for her first nap just before 10am. And slept past 11:30.

She went down for her next nap at 1:30pm. I was somewhat actively trying to keep her awake because I’d really, really prefer less, longer naps to short ones every 90 minutes.

She slept for THREE HOURS! Well, two hours in she woke, and I went up to greet her thinking she was awake, but she was just whimpering a bit in her sleep. I nursed her and she slept about an hour more.

At this point it was 4:30pm. I was so, so grateful for the time to work on a paper I need to have done for next week. Then it got kind of tricky. Last night we didn’t do a good job of getting her sleep needs met while we saw the Easter Bunny, ate dinner out, and perused the mall. We paid for it later with an overtired girl much too distraught to sleep.

About 6pm she started getting fussy and discontent. I nursed her and tried distraction to buy some time. At 6:30 Daddy took her up for a bath. He got her changed and PJed and brought her down to say goodnight. Just after 7pm I took her up and she was asleep by 7:30.

How she will sleep is yet to be seen. That is a LOT of sleep for my girl in one day. I hope she still sleeps through the night. “Through” being a somewhat fluid term, as she wakes to nurse and moans and groans regularly but doesn’t typically fully wake. Probably because after her first wake-up (usually about 2-2.5 hours after going down) I’m already asleep and she just comes in with me for the night.

Anyway, today was fantastic. If this was everyday it would be an adjustment (so much at-home time!) but I we could do it. I’ve already seen how much better it is having dedicated at-home naps instead of whenever we are wherever I hope she will fall asleep.

Ah, but now it is an hour in (8:30pm) and she stirs. Dammit! A wake up now would be the worst.

*off she scurries to tend her baby*

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