Surprise, surprise.

After the pumpkin patch we stopped to have lunch at Sonic(!), which was a surprise because I’ve only ever seen/had Sonic in Cali. There Tony surprised me with tickets to Weezer for that night! Apparently he’d bought them back in August. BEFORE Ali started sleeping through the night. Talk about optimistic.

The concert was fun, us getting out was even more fun. I guess Ali woke once when we were gone (we put her down and then drove to the Memorial Coliseum) and my mom went in to give her back her paci. And she didn’t freak out!

Sleep was in short supply for a few days though. Parlty because Thursday, my bday, Ali woke up at 4:45am and then I couldn’t go back to sleep and she woke up whne I tried to leave her in our bed and so her and I were up about 5am! Then she/we woke Tony up not long after six. so, after getting to my parents’ and before the concert we each napped separately (Ali has done all her napping for the day in the car). Then we got back from the concert about midnight.

Ali woke up just after 6am.

I was sleepy.

Friday we ran a lot of errands in the morning. Got out the door around 8:30am. Went to Walmart and then was at Toys’R’Us before they opened at ten. It was fun and exhausting to go in there with Ali .Then we went to Costco and after that we were all hungry and so tired. In the afternoon we went down to the high school to see the homecoming parade. We were about an hour early so we got to snatch Alyssa from school and walk down to the elementary school to play and then watch the parade. Something about having only one kid with you and being at the start  of the route, we had whole handfuls of candy flung our way. Nearly filled up Ali’s new Dora backpack. Of course most of it she can’t eat so guess who’s stuck with it!

After that we went to AT&T with Alyssa (who, seriously, made the whole experience bearable with her presence) and got new phones! Our contract was up with Verizon, as we’d signed a two-year one on my twenty-second birthday. It was a slow process but we finally got home just before Trista did! Jordan was there too so, once again, all four kids together!

Saturday I finally got to do all I’d really wanted for my bday, which was to go shopping. Alone. Well, I went with Trista and Alyssa which was the second best thing. I don’t have to carry/entertain them. We went to town at Old Navy and Nordstrom Rack and then wandered through the mall but didn’t find much.

Then Trista didn’t turn onto the freeway. Btw, my license expired on my bday (in Oregon they last 8 years. 16+8=24). And I knew something was up. But I had NO IDEA what. We went to this strip mall on Sunnyside and there was a place called Ceramicafe. And inside was….a party! Cass and Pete, Jordan and Backy, Tony and Ali, Trista and Alyssa, Cynthia and Shayla. And a CHEESECAKE 🙂

It was so nice and so fun. I had told Tony a day or so before that I was excited about getting together with my mom’s side of the family (our next stop) because I hadn’t had any sort of bday gathering in a long time- maybe since I turned 18. It was great.

After that we quickly went home to change and then went to West Linn to my aunt and uncle’s house for part II. Also a lot of fun. Ali has such a great time in those kind of settings, and that night was no different. Even though she was exhausted she got a second wind and just ate up all the attention. Though we meant to leave early (don’t we always?) and meant to be packed up neither happened. So we didn’t get out until past eight and didn’t leave my parents’ until 9pm and didn’t get home until 11pm. Ali went seamlessly from car to crib.

Sunday we never left the house.

Today we both got hair cuts. Well, I got my bangs trimmed. And my license renewed. We went grocery shopping. Then I prepared for the speech I was supposed to present tonight. But my car died when I was pulling out. In the middle of the street. Stuck in park. It took Tony about an hour and a half to be able to move it back into the driveway. And I didn’t make it to class. Because we’re going to be in Seattle until Tuesday next week I’m going to miss then too. Kind of a struggle. Anyway, that’s why I’m home and have found time for a rather extensive update.

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