First ER trip.

I have too much to do to be doing this but, this is what I’m doing. This morning Ali stuck her fingers in the electric heater. I don’t know if they got stuck or if it was shock but she didn’t pull them out. They got burned and she screamed and wouldn’t calm down. We called the nurse’s line nad were told to go to the ER. Luckily it was a quick and relatively painless trip. Scary and sad and emotional but…well, hopefully she has now learned the heates are both "aught" and "auch-y." Her words.

Hopefully she will be good about her "hook" since she needs to keep bandaged and covered for the next week. Has to go back to get it checked on Thursday (my bday coincidentally!). Now I really need to catch up on school b/c I have class tonight and we didn’t get back from Seattle until about midnight last night. So much to do.

3 thoughts on “First ER trip.

  1. Poor baby girl! 🙁 Sooo sad. My mom has a similar story from when I was Ali’s age about me getting into the trash and picking up a discarded razor blade from my dad’s razor and playing with it. Babies gotta learn somehow…usually in the worst ways. 🙁 Kiss her little mitten-hand for me.

  2. Oh, my, seeing her little hand with blisters is almost more than I can bear. I always thought there is nothing worse than seeing your kids in pain, now the only thing I can think of is seeing your granddaughter in pain. David called me last night to tell me that he’d seen on Facebook that you were in the Emergency Room, so I was worried. I was late getting home and didn’t want to call in case you were all asleep. Give Ali an extra hug for me,
    Love, Grandmere

  3. ouchies.. i remember when des decided to try and play the drums on the hot stove top (too the tune of jingle bells int he summer..?) he had the worst coil burn ever my mom have this stuff called “the burn stuff” and she coated his hand with it and then took him to the doctors they said that doing that with the burn stuff saved him from having a bad scar he has no marks from it at all. keep us posted on how she’s doing..

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