Disney’s “Dinosaur”, a new molar, and an old Woods Hole t-shirt.

More pics! The first is another book that Ali is obsessed with right now. It’s Disney’s book version of the movie Dinosaur and it’s been weeks now that it finds it’s wayto the top of the pile and then is carried over to be read. Only it’s long and has big words andshe never stays interested. So I don’t really understand the fascination but whatever. It got her very into this lemur that Billie gave her b/c in the book Aladar (the dino) is raised by lemurs.

Those are eight of her, now, eleven and a half teeth. Below you can catch a glimpse of one of her new molars (it’s on the right). She’s recently discovered the joy of watching me through the camera if I turn the digi around to face me. Then I turn it on her real face and get these great (if not absurdly close-up) smiling shots.

Today, on the beach. The shirt she is wearing (which I LOVE, it is the perfect color to bring out her eyes) was Tony’s when he was little. Or that is my understanding. It’s possible is was his little brother Dave’s.

One thought on “Disney’s “Dinosaur”, a new molar, and an old Woods Hole t-shirt.

  1. I can’t believe how much older she looks, walking around on her own two feet. It’s great to see a new generation in the Woods Hole t-shirt. It is pretty clean, so I would guess that it was Tony’s. He was just two years old the summer that we went and it probably shrunk a little.
    I hope to see you all soon!
    Love, Grandmere

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