Did you know Shayla is three?

Ok, well she’s been three for almost two weeks now. Happy Birthday Shayla! And labor day weekend we went to her b-day party at Pietros. And forgot the memory stick 🙁

But we attempted some photos on Tony’s phone. Which always takes me longer to upload b/c it’s kind of a pain and then last night Facebook wouldn’t upload them even though I tried over and over and over and over. And even YouTube was down so I couldn’t upload the video either. Really weird.

Today though, we are in luck. Shayla, we had such a great time at your part,y and were so glad to be able to see you in all your glory. Thanks for sharing some of the spotlight with Ali. Also, we know you will be a great big sister ANY HOUR NOW. Ok, not hour per se, but Cynthia was due with baby Adriah yesterday so lets get this show on the road already!

Shayla’s Go Diego! cake and glowing mama-to-be in the background.

Shayla pretty much kept at least one eye on Ali the whole time she was opening presents.

A tense moment? Ali busted out with "Ba-pa!" for backpack the moment she saw this and has been saying it ever since.

This is a video of everyone singing "Happy Birthday" and the followed attempt to blow out the candle:

The day after this we had a baby shower for Cynthia. While I made sure I had my memory stick I failed to take a SINGLE photo of her, her belly, of the big-sister-to-be. Sad! Cass, I know you took some shots, did you get any?

3 thoughts on “Did you know Shayla is three?

  1. Ummm. I know. I was so mad at myself. I even remember thinking at one point “Oh! I should go get my camera!” and then probably getting distracted by one of the babies being cute. Ughh! We suck!

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