Cloud banks.

Rockaway has a strange relationship with cloud banks. It seems they love us, and like to hang out all day. Then dissapate 6-8pm. Just in time for sunset/bedtime. Or, at the very least, the point of no return when the day has already been written off. The most frustrating thing is a mere mile or two away is sunny, warm, and gorgeous.

Tomorrow we better get some of this sun!

So today we spent some time cleaning/organizing the house. Something I’ve kind of tackled with my newfound time and freedom (new schedule = LOVE IT!). Like, unpacking boxes from our move nearly a year ago. Or clearing the table we haven’t seen the top of in months at least. Tony has been working on reorganizing our "office." And I’ve been finally filling some of the empty photo frames I’ve been meaning to do forever. We’re finding a need to change things up as Ali is growing more and more. Provide different spaces for her with the option for less supervision.

And that’s about all I’ve got right now. I spent a few days very, very engorged. To the point that I was getting clogged ducts but I think my supply may have adjusted to our three briefs feedings a day and I am very grateful.

Ali dressed for the Hawkeye game…and then wanted the bandana on when she was helping fold laundry. It’s better than the underwear she usually like to wear around her neck as if a necklace.

I put a bunch of pictures into an album for her, since she was so enamored with one that Billie had, and she is now obsessed with it.

Going for a drive in Fred Meyer.

We had to go to Garibaldi to get some sun.

Walking even in the sand!

Terrifed of the "men" behind her- she probably thinks they’ll try to hold her!

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