Why has this taken me so long?

Last Sunday, no not yesterday but the over-a-week-ago Sunday, we were lucky enough to attend my friend Kelsey’s wedding. I’ve known Kelsey forever, probably since first grade at least and we went to the same church from third grade through high school. She married Josh Anderson at Timberline Lodge, and the service was so beautiful and unique in the outdoor amphitheatre there. The weather was so, so perfect. It was a scorcher in the valley, but up there is was cool enough to be pleasant. Though it sprinkled as we got out of our car, and began to thunderstorm as we returned to the parking lot, the unwanted elements stayed at bay throughout. At least while we were there.

My dad and sisters waiting beforehand.

The beautiful bride and her dad. I loved the black-white-red scheme.

Ali was being a pain throughout the ceremony because she wanted to nurse.

Awww, getting pictures taken.

Ali learned to say "Uh-oh" at the reception.

Ali and I.

The whole family.

Trista and I on the ride home.

To give credit where credit is due, Tony and I have now been motivated to finally finally start planning our own wedding. We have set a date (one we’ve had our eye on for quite awhile) and hoping to scout a venue this coming weekend. More on that to come I’m sure. Also, more pictures.

3 thoughts on “Why has this taken me so long?

  1. Yay for setting a date! That’s probably the hardest part, because then you’re forced to start really doing it. Exciting!

    Cynthia and I know lots of cheap ways to do cute things (depending on how big you’re going), so ask us if you need help!

  2. I’m excited for you guys to have set a date! Yay! As Karlin said, if you need any help at all with anything, just ask.

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