Catching up, at long last.

I don’t know even where to begin anymore, so I’m trying to look back through pictures to guide my way. These first ones are from the day we left Portland, last Friday. It was pretty warm, whenthe sun was out but there were spotty clouds so…well, isn’t that the NW? Anyway, we almost always leave in the morning but this time were waiting around in the hopes that Trista would be able to join us. Trista has never driven down here before so my mom has always said that she has to drive first with someone to get the experience. Unfortunately matching schedules has never actually happened.

On this particaular occasion, Trista had graduated the night before. Followed by an all-night grad party (hosted by the school) until 5am. Then Trista had to work at 8am! She was supposed to work until 4pm but actually got off at three. And thought she could just follow us, no problem. Oh Trista, we love you, but you’re such an invincible teenager. We ended up hanging around (and letting Ali "swim" outside in an old baby tub) until my mom got home from her last final (she had one ever day that week I think). Then we all went out to Teryaki. "We" being Tony, Ali, and I; my mom and dad; and Trista. Alyssa had flown off to Nashville early, early, that morning to visit a friend and Jordan was….at the church? I don’t know, Jordan mvoed out so he is now hard to keep track of.

Then Trista drove and I rode with her and Ali rode with Tony. True to her word Trista had no problems, but I think my engaging conversation may have had something to do with that.

Saturday morning we had a big picnic to support Obama in Tillamook. We were there from 1-4 (though Tony went earlier to set up) and it was gorgeous. No rain, sunny, and so, so, sooooooo windy. So that was lame but I guess to be expected at the coast. *sigh* A quick sidenote: I am quickly learning that the typical summer weather I so covet and long for is generally not to be expected on the coast. I’m not sure I’ll be able to learn to live with that fact. We shall see. Right now I’m just holding out for a week in Iowa for a dose (however small) of summer.

Afterward Trista and I went grocery/Father’s Day shopping at Fred Meyer. There was an amzing sale on Young Men’s clothes so that’s what Tony got. And Weezer’s Red Album. Is that awful that I bought him clothes? I mean, it’s so wifey… And yet, it’s what I felt like he needed and wouldn’t by for himself. And it’s what I would want?

Father’s Day was good. Trista went home in the afternoon. Made it herself without a hitch (her words). Here’s a picture of Ali and Tony and a pair of his new shorts:

Ummmm, the rest of the week in kind of blurring together. Weare borrowing Jordan’s Wii and Wii Fit and have been both playing that every night. It’s a lot of fun and a really good work out. I mostly like the yoga and strength training. I’m trying to eat really good foods for the next two weeks (well, this week and the next – until Iowa) and do the Wii Fit and see what happens. So each night after Ali goes to bed we do that. Which means are DVR is filling up, but that’s okay. We also have kind of an ant problem in the kitchen so I’ve been making a point to clean it each night (as opposed to in the morning) which usually leads to further straightening and maybe even some laundry. That’s made waking up in the morning a lot more pleasant!

The weather has been pretty good, but cloudy in the mornings. So the burn off always feels like a gift and we don’t hesitate to get out while we can. Here are some pics from the past few days:

We keep trying to sneak out to see a sunset by there are always clouds.

Set up the baby pool yesterday, though it wasn’t real warm she didn’t much care. Climbing in and out was the funnest part!

2 thoughts on “Catching up, at long last.

  1. Also, note the before and after on Father Bear’s hair up there. I ventured into T’mook for a hair cut at Ashley’s fancy pants salon! I usually cut it myself, so it was a bit of a treat. I’m trying to mentally and physically prepare myself for the heat in Iowa.

    Which reminds me, I’m sure most people know, but the entire state of Iowa has been hit hard by floods in recent weeks. Much of my family lives in higher areas and are doing well, but Iowa City got a good deal of water and Cedar Rapids was devastated. If you have a little to spare for your fellow countrymen, it will go to good use. Donations can go to your local Red Cross or to the Grant Wood Area chapter (Cedar Rapids) at

  2. Ali looks like such a big girl in the last picture. And I totally got Joel clothes at Fred Meyer for Father’s Day too, because there was that awesome sale…and the discount, too, lol. Wifey, yes…but I suppose I’m a wife…? And you’re sort of a wife, too, so I suppose it’s not so bad.

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