Oregon’s primary.

Today, May 20th, is Oregon’s primary. The first that will matter in a long time. Definitely the first in our lifetimes (our being mine and Tony’s…and Ali’s). At least for the democrats. So, if you’re a registered democrat and haven’t yet turned in your ballot….VOTE! Turn it in to a drop box tonight by 8pm. I don’t even care who you vote for as long as you do.

And if you’re not an Oregonian, watch our great state get some limelight tonight on CNN. We are almost surely going to be swinging for Obama on a statewide level. Did you hear about the 75,000 person gathering held on the waterfront Sunday?!?! Our county, Tillamook County, is likely to go for Clinton though. But we shall see.

And you should too.

2 thoughts on “Oregon’s primary.

  1. Well, everyone in my household (Amy and I) voted Obama! Charles is a silly independent who won’t even go dem to vote and then switch back after. Haha! But I knew Obama would win Oregon… we love that guy way too much!

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