Bumping along.

Oh so much seems to be going on. I hurt my back Thursday. Like, really, really hurt it. I don’t know how. I don’t know what "throwing it out" feels like, but I imaginethis was somewhat close. I couldn’t really lift Ali proper until yesterday afternoon. By chance we recieved a sample of Oregon Creme II in the mail, an herbal remedy from a couple Tony is building a site for. And it worked!  I’m sure there are other factors, and i’m still so very, very, sore but am at least moderately functional and oh so grateful. Not so grateful about being deterred from my work out when I was really getting into the groove. UGH.

This Friday we’re leaving for my parents’. We are staying unitl mid-week (post Easter) which also happens to be Spring Break so everyone will be less busy with work, school, sports, etc. Well, maybe not work. Anyway, then we’re making our way up to Seattle to stay at Tony’s Mom’s forthe remainder of that week, the weekend, and until Wednesday or Thursday of the following week. There is a conference up there bringing some people to town Tony wants to meet with. So….we have about two weeks away from homeon the horizon. Exciting! Overwhelming. The big picture has fallen into place. The logistics are stressing me out. Whatever though. We’ll be glad to get away and glad to get back. It’s always nice to shake things up once in awhile.

Yesterday we went to the dentist. Me, for the first time in a year. Tony, in two years. Overall it was very positive. I think we are both in better shape than expected. Alas, I still need to see two specialists. One, an oral surgeon to pull a wisdom tooth. Another, I dunno what he’s called, to do a root canal on my front tooth – YIKES! I knocked it falling off my bike when I was seven and it’s been dead (or dying?) ever since. In the last couple of years it began to discolor and has gotten overly sensitive to heat or cold. The xray showed it completely calicified which, the dentist said, he very rarely sees. And, the lovely about leaving out in nowhere…we have to go to portland for these appointments. Which they just make a month or four in advance like a jaunt to Tigard or Stark Street is no big deal. And for just a consultation?!?!!? Ugh. ugh. UGH. Still, I will do whatever to get this one wisdom that’s driving me nuts taken care of. Of course that is the appointment that isn’t until mid-July.

It’s been raining a lot, interrupted by random breaks of sunshine. Very confusing when your mood is often determined by the weather. I have a lot of videos to post. Does anyone watch them? I don’t want to be boring people. It’s hard for me to edit sometimes, be it photos, videos, content in general. I know how very biased I am as far as what is or isn’t interesting, cute, earth-shattering, etc. Then again, this is our blog. As much as I care about those reading it, you all are really just visiting. Or, mostly, LURKING! But we love you all the while đź™‚

"Talking" to Grandmere.

She is so funny sometimes.

She ran her dinner through her ponytail. Better than gel!

And, another bathing video…

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