I’m tired. Tony just woke up from a nap. Ali is, I think, successfully down for one. We’re going to a spaghetti feed at City Hall tonight to benefit the Parks and Recreation department. I was kind sickish this morning (no energy, semi nauseous, chills, and slightly high temp) but feeling passable now. Luckily, Tony let me sleep in until almost ten!

The sleep in the crib thing is going pretty well. She has been napping in there (twice a day) and going to bed each night. Just not staying. Usually between midnight and one she wakes up and comes down with us. Usually I can’t really fall asleep until then. LAME. I so hate the idea of being aroused once I’m asleep (probably one of thereasons she’s still with us!) but, seriously, I need to go to bed earlier. And, since she’s going to bed between eight and nine she’s been waking up between six-thirty and seven-thirty. While still feeding through the night. AND since she is, I guess, getting used to sleeping by herself sprawled on her tummy last night she wouldn’t sleep curled up in the crook of my arm like always. She wanted to lay on her stomach which forces me to invent a new sleeping position. Which I just did, oh, eight months ago. Ugh.

BUT I am very happy to know that she is developing the ability to fall asleep on her own. Priceless.

In other lame news. If you look at the pic of our house I posted you will see an empty lot to the right. The lot is not big but we just found out yesterday they will be building a duplex there. In a matter of weeks. The property line is seriously about six feet from the house. And all of our bedrooms. We talked to the guy building it and he said they’ll be working 8am to 8pm. I seriously almost cried. This is absurd and what awful timing. I only hope it’s worse in my head than it will actually turn out to be.

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