Two days ago Ali fell off her changing table. Tony kind of caught her on the way down, but that was a scare! More for him than for her. And last night she fell off our bed (we’re still co-sleeping). Luckily she fell with a pillow and it landed underneath. Once again she was more scared than hurt – not to mention rudely awakened. I know all babies (and kids) fall but hopefully that’s it for us for awhile.

As most of the nation is well aware, we are in the midst of a spell that is cold but beautiful. Inside you would almost swear it’s summer out. So I decided to dress Ali up as such and pretend. As you can see, she can sit. She just can’t stay that was for very long.

As always go to the album (Summery in January) to see these pics are more, bigger, brighter, and better. Click on the pic if you haven’t figured that out yet.

One thought on “Falling.

  1. Beautiful pictures. so precious. I love the black and white and I can almost feel the sun shining through that big window.

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