Tooth number three.

Ali has finally cut her third tooth. It’s on the top, but not one of the front two. It’s more to the left than that. I’m am relieved as I believe this will put off the inevitable tooth on tooth situation. It’s been stormy here (though nothing really new I guess), verrrrrry windy the past few days and lots of hail storms. The power has blinked twice, and we are grateful that is all! Some shots from yesterday:

I also have some belated (but too good to not post) Thanksgiving pictures. My Aunt Yvonne’s sister, Cindy, is an avid scrapbooker and, therefore, a very reliable picture-taker. These are some from her camera (more here):

3 thoughts on “Tooth number three.

  1. You are beautiful Ashley! Is is me or is your hair growing faster than regular? You look like you’ve lost all the pregnancy weight too. I think I’m still loosing thoes lb’s 🙂

  2. Oh Katy you are too sweet. I most definitely have not lost all the pregnancy weight, but am working hard to make a dent in it. And, btw, you are TINY.

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