We have had a ton going on here. Monday we went to my parents and spent the night so on Tuesday we could pic Tony’s grandma, Grandma Swalla, up at PDX in the afternoon. That went fine (except for a nerve racking five minutes when we got stuck in an elevator!) and we made it back here safely. Here being home at the coast of course. Tuesday night we had another big storm, the wind blowing so loud it woke us up in the morning. We also discovered a roof leak which is a big pain but will hopefully get fixed soon. Tony’s mom flew from Hawaii to Seattle on Tuesday and drove down to meet us on Wednesday. She got here about 4:30 and ever since we’ve all just been hanging out, watching Grey’s Anatomy, adoring Ali, eating delicious food, celebrating Tony’s birthday (which is Saturday and he’s 27!) and Christmas. This afternoon we exchanged gifts and opened some that had been awaiting us under the tree. Tomorrow we’re headed back to Portland, where Tonyand I will stay until after Christmas. Billie is driving back to Seattle tomorrow night and Grandma Swalla is headed home to Iowa Saturday morning. Post on our little Christmas to come.

These are before we left.


Alyssa and Ali getting some shopping done at Target.

Ali at the airport.

This kind of scary snowman that was handing out PDX pins.

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  1. Where did you get stuck in an elevator? I was at Clackamas Town Center today and overheard someone talking to the elevator repair man about her grandkid getting stuck in it and she was surprised to find out it had done the same thing today.

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