Ugh. I clipped Ali’s finger tonight when I was cutting her nails. She screamed. The in-real-actual-pain kind. I felt awful. It bled. We put this little band-aid on her finger. Like, ten minutes later it was gone and we then spent the next half hour worrying she’d swallowed it. But I found it stuck to a pillow. She got over it pretty quick and all it now well. But, seriously, this is exactly why I always put off cutting her nails in favor of them kind of tearing off on their own. So if my child ever has full blown talons, well you know why.

4 thoughts on “Clipped.

  1. Sad! When Shayla was around four to five months old, I accidenally scratched her on the nose like twice in two weeks and both times the scratches actually bled and I felt so horrible. I STILL don’t like cutting her nails because of this reason.

  2. Lol. I dunno, they were here in with a bunch of other band-aids. I think they’re the ones for, like, a blister or tiny cut on the finger or something.

  3. Ohhhhh. Sorry for you (she’s probably healed right?). I remember these times. I HATE that helpless, sad, guilty feeling. It happens when the kids get older too. Lately I’ve been accedently knocking my elbo’s into the kid’s heads. I think I’m alone fixing dinner when wham! someone was right behind me and I caught them with an elbo…!
    Love you!

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