Getting a smile.

Even though Ali smiles so often now, it seems harder and herder to catch it on camera. Maybe because I’m so used to her smiles they are less of a camera-grabbing event? Maybe because she now knows the camera and it induces a smile ending curiosity in her. This week I have tried on a few occasions to get a really good smiling picture. These are the best outcomes. Check the five month album to see only some of the misses.

2 thoughts on “Getting a smile.

  1. Yeah, Shayla has always been a really good smiler for the camera until just recently. Now, she is too distracted by the camera, what’s going on behind me, wanting to see the picture before it even occurs…which is why during her portrait session at J.C. Penney they kept having to say, “what does a monkey say?” to which she proudly and happily exclaimed, “Ooh-ooh-ahh!” and smiled. And also, it causes me to say, “Show me your teeth! Smile big!” and I get really obscenely toothy grins.

  2. We used to have to do the “show your teeth” thing with Alyssa. She smiled with all her teeth until, like, first grade. We havethe class photos to prove it! Little kids are so funny.

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