The Lewis Family Christmas.

About a week overdue. Sorry about that! And before I get to it, we got home fine on Friday afternoon. Pulled in just after two and found the power had come back on at 1:21pm. That means it was off for just under five days!!!! Needless to say, all our food was spoiled. Other than that we faired really well. An upstairs window lost a screen and there was a mysterious puddle in the kitchen that we think came from a window facing the east. The drive was amazing, sooo many trees down once we got over the mountains and Tillamook is covered in mud. All the towns are really just coming back to life. More on this topic to come, I’m sure.

Last Saturday we gathered with my dad’s side of the family to celebrate Christmas. My dad has three older brothers, so there are twelve cousins (including myself), and now twelve great-grandkids. For some reason the lighting/quality of these pictures is kind of odd…

Jordan looking rather quizzical about what exactly a baby is doing in Becky’s arms.

Ali trying to hold Isaac’s hand. He is 3.5 months, she is five.

Esther and Ali….Tony and I see a future baby-sitter!

All the little kids. Isaac is NOT happy and all the bigger boys are so funny about it!

Ali with my dad, attempting to eat the bow of someone else’s present.

All the cousins…basically grown-up (minus my sisters!).

Ali, my dad, and  Nana, his mom.


 Alyssa and Ali.

Ali and Isaac being THE CUTEST!

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