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If you read Tony’s post last night, you know we went to the doc yesterday. Ali was almost a month laste for her four month check-up (insurance issues) so it’d been awihle since she was weighed. Until yesterday this girl has been right at the 50th percentile for both height and weight. On the day she was born, her two week, her two month, and at a check when she was closer to three months. Now, she’s at the 37th or so percentile in weight and the twenty-somethingth in height. we figured this out at home because the doc didn’t tell us and I was wondering. Is this normal? In my Human Growth and Development Class it said large losses in percentile are worrisome. Or course the example was, like, 50% lost in an 18 month old….but what exactly is a "large loss"? I mean, of course Ali’s healthy and everything, but do I need to feed her more or something?

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  1. No need to worry! I think every child grows differently and shouldn’t be obsessively compared to a curve. My pediatrician always said that Dom & Bri were making their own growth curves. Dom started in the negative 10th (preemies use the same growth chart) and ended at 12 mos in the negative 5th for weight but the 30th for height. Bri started in the 30th and ended at 12 mos in the negative 10th. I didn’t consider it a large loss cause she was always growing, just on her own timing and she was very happy and content. Isaac on the other hand is setting records in our house!! He has already reached the weight Brianna was at a year!

  2. I agree with Kari. Each kids isn’t ‘normal’ or ‘average’. There is no such thing. Sam (2nd kid) was always a bruser and by the time he was 2 he was off the charts by 10%. But the Doc was wise and said he was just big and not to change his diet.
    I think Kari’s words are wise. If the kids is happy and content…..everythings fine.
    Love you and excited to see you guys. Katy

  3. Yeah, Shayla is below both of those percentiles for two-year-olds, I think. And the doctor told me that as long as she’s continuing to grow, then it’s completely fine. He just said to continue feeding her full fat foods (since after two, they can go to non-fat/reduced fat milk/yogurt/etc). Lol, not that you necessarily needed the whole schpeil. Every kid has their own pace, and I swear those national percentiles were created to make us freak out about things more than we already do. Ali looks amazingly healthy and is smart and sweet and I can’t imagine how she could get much healthier.

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