So much has been going on! Yesterday we got back from Portland and Thanksgiving with my parents and my mom’s side of the family. We hung out a lot, ate a lot, played a lot of Wii. I was sore waking up every single day! Then again, we were also sleeping on a futon… Other big news, Ali cut her first—and the next day second–tooth this weekend. We all knew it was coming and know those seemingly razor sharp protrusions are here. On Black Friday I got up at 5am to go shopping with my mom, sisters and Becky (future sister-in-law). It was the first time I wasn’t there when Ali woke up. Tony said she seemed pretty confused until I came back.

Now we are home and busy. I have a week or so of school and a number of smaller papers to do (SO GLAD I finished my big term paper on Sunday), we’re working on getting this Oregon Coast Design thing off the ground, Christmas is coming up, just a lot of hustle and bustle. Friday we’re headed back to Portland for the annual Lewis Christmas get together. The 18th we are picking Tony’s grandma up at PDX and she is spending some time with us at the beach. Then on the 22nd, Tony’s bday, we will be back in Portland, first to see Ali’s Great Grandma Swalla off and second to celebrate Christmas with the Megraths. Whew!

Before church…

…and after.

The first, and only, time my brother Jordan held Ali.

Ali loving on her Grandpa.

"Ali" making a graham cracker house with the rest of the kids.

Auntie Cass and Uncle Ry meeting Ali at Macaroni Grill.

Post blow-out (notice the lack of onesie) with Auntie Karlin.

Ali and Shayla loving on each other…kind of.

Ali and me.

Ali giving Shayla "high five."

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