Grandma and Grampa, Aunt Trista and Alyssa.

Friday night my parents and sisters came up to visit….and, mostly, see the baby. My mom and Alyssa (fourteen-year-old) hadn’t seen Ali since she was two days old, my dad and Trista (seventeen-year-old) had yet to see her. Friday was a really strange day, Ali was awake from four or so in the afternoon until just past nine. Every time she’d drift off it was just for a few minutes before she’d wake herself up as if she was determined not to sleep. She finally drifted off about fifteen minutes before everybody arrived and proceeded to sleep for a stretch, feed, sleep again…etc. But the night was weird. She ate around midnight, then at two or two-thirty, then was up from five to seven, ate again a little after nine….then I think Tony took her…and fed again after ten. Somebody is such a growing girl!

My brother Jordan, who has yet to meet Ali but hopefully soon, graduated college in June and got a super nice camera. If anyone is camera savvy, they may have noticed the high quality of our birth photos…my mom took them with that camera and brought it with her again so we were snapping pics the whole time they were here. Which, unfortunately, wasn’t for too long. Saturday we all ventured to Alderwood Mall, where my dad purchased Harry Potter (I’m more than half-way through!) and then they went to visit a nearby Business Costco. My mom made a bunch of scalloped potatoes and weeded our garden while the rest of us watched cable (my family has never had it). Then we all watched Red Eye and they headed back to Gladstone a little after seven.

Ali chilling, all ready to hit the mall.

The whole time at the mall.

Kids always love Trista.

They both look pretty crazy.

Trista and Tony tag-teaming.

It’s big, but the outfit is still super cute!


Everybody loves a baby.

Grandma and Grampa.

Probably the best picture I’ve seen in a long time.

2 thoughts on “Grandma and Grampa, Aunt Trista and Alyssa.

  1. Aww! Very nice family pictures. I agree, the one of Steve is very cute. Ali looks like she is becoming very aware of everything!

  2. Such cute outfits that Ali’s wearing! You can just see her personality coming out in all the photos. I love it.

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