Yes, it’s true.

I am so in labor. It started at exactly 7:38pm last ngiht when I decided to began keeping track of the "cramping" I was having. For the next couple hours I had contraction every 8-10 minutes…but they were really short, like fifteen to thirty seconds. I slept from eleven or so until just after midnight, when I awoke and announced to Tony "I don’t think I’ll be getting much more sleep." From then the contractions seemed to space out but get longer and more intense. I played Tetris off and on for a few hours, had a snack, was pissed my internet wasn’t working, tried to lay down but my mind was racing, you know normal early labor stuff. I finally fell asleep again around four and woke up at six-fiftenn VERY happy to have slept and feeling pretty refreshed. I dozed for the next hour or so.

About seven-thirty I got up and had half of my normal two slices of peanut butter toast, milk and tea breakfast (one piece of toast with half a glass of milk). I sat in the bath for awhile. Made some phone calls (not in the bath). Tony and I went on a walk around ten or ten-thirty. We were supposed to have a doctor’s appt. at eleven, but I called and asked if we could just skip it and go into L&D when we were ready, which they said was fine. After our walk, we sat in the backyard for awhile, cooling our feet in the pool and watching all the bird-drama we have around here. Then we came in and I had a sandwich for lunch. I didn’t even think I was hungry, then realized I was starving! This whole time I’m having really varied contractions…sometimes six minutesd apart, sometimes twenty. They seemed shorter and less intense then the ones I’d had overnight. After lunch we watched some bonus features on the Project Runway DVD. I played more Tetris (seriously, it’s the perfect game to pass time and engage you enough to stop thinking!) while Tony called his Grandma Swalla for help filling out Ali’s baby book. While we were sitting there I was have forty-five second to minute-long contractions every six to seven minutes.

Then we went on another walk, this time to get some bubble tea. It’s really hot out today. It was supposed to be just over seventy, the coolest of this week but I’m sure it’s eighty plus. By this point Tony has me keeping track of my contractions, as well as the time elapsing between, on his ipod’s stopwatch. Unlike our previous walk, I maintained contractions while walking around. We then lounged in the pool again and read through the mail. Now it’s coming up on four o-clock and about twenty hours of consistent labor. We’re thinking we may go to the hospital within the next couple of hours….hopefully this stopwatch gives us the go ahead. Niether of us want to jump the gun.

I’m am so excited that Ali could be here tonight or maybe tomorrow morning (please, hopefully by then)! 

3 thoughts on “Yes, it’s true.

  1. I can’t handle this anticipation! I got out of class at ten today and don’t have to work so I’ve had all day to continually keep coming back to my computer and religiously check ourlittlekid. I am so excited for youuuuuu!

  2. yayyy! I was thinking about you all day at work, wanting to come and check on what was happening. Not too long before you’re holding her. 🙂

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