Dreary outside, homework inside.

Last week’s gorgeousness has been replaced by gray and overcast drizzle. It’s cooled down a bit but remains pretty muggy. Yuck. The only plus is that outside isn’t calling me today in the least. Which is good because I need to start and finish a term paper by tomorrow afternoon. Probably the reason I’m dawdling around here, here, here, here, here, and everywhere else. Please excuse that blatant linkage.

Last night/this morning I was randomly awake from three to six, then slept ’til quarter past ten. I guess I’m getting into some weird baby schedule? Maybe. The night before I had crazy-making Braxton Hicks for hours. They always seem to come when I’m asleep…or trying to be. They make me moan and groan and whine in my sleep and I feel sorry for Tony.

I can’t really think of anything to write about. Probably I’m distracted by the music playing, tv blaring, homework nagging, etc. No wonder I’m not getting anything done! I’ve been trying to update more lately (more = at least three or so times a week) but I’m notsure I’m doing a very good job. I also struggle to come up with much that’s pregnancy-centered. I dunno, Ali’s growing, I feel like a house, she gets the hiccups a lot, she seems to be dropping more every day, and I have twenty-five days until my due date!

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