Friday night my mom came up with a trailer full of stuff for us. Included was a table and chairs (we’ve been making do with a coffee table!) from their house, a desk, dresser and filing cabinet. From my great-grandma (who will be 107 in September) was a little-old-lady recliner. It’s, like, perfect for me right now! Also, handed down by my Aunt Yvonne was a crib and changing table.

I’ve been pretty much ignoring the whole "nursery" concept thus far. We rent and don’t plan to stay here long, hopefully not even to the end of the year. It’s not that we don’t have the room, the house is three bedroom and one we don’t use at all. But she’s mostly gonna be in our room anyway and it’s plenty big to fit all our stuff and her’s too. We’re still not going all out nursery style but I have caught a little baby fever. The crib and changing table are white, but the crib we’re going to spray paint black and do the bars in black, white and bright pink. The changing table is going to stay white but I’m going to do the front of the drawers in the same pink. We going to get some black knobs for the drawers and I’m looking for some black and white polka-dot liner paper (anyone have any ideas?) for inside. The changing cushion we’re going to cover in some black fabric with bright pink polka dots we found at Walmart tonight. We stocked up on spray paint and, since we finished cleaning the house on Friday, I’m planning to start this newest endeavor tomorrow. Pics and stuff then, but I just had to share because I’m super excited. Ali’s gonna have the cutest non-little girl room!

Also, today marks 32 weeks…otherwise known as eight months.

3 thoughts on “Paint!

  1. FUN!!! Love the color ideas for the crib and drawers. Sadly, I have no ideas for the poka-dot idea……sorry! I’m not the best original idea kinda person. 🙂 Only a couple weeks left…..hang on!

  2. Michael’s Crafts (do they have those in Washington?) has tons and tons and tons of different kinds of papers… I’m sure you could find exactly what you want. But then of course you’d have to find some kind of nice glue to glue them in with that wouldn’t make the paper buckle. Also usually when you buy drawer liners they’re made to be able to rip out later when you want to change them to something else. So… hmm… maybe there are some kind of spray adhesives you could use for something like that, that hold but aren’t permanent… I dunno.

    Anyway, the ideas sound very cute. And actually, I heard somewhere that simple black and white stimulate a baby’s mind more than a large range of colors will, so the pink black and white will obviously make her a genius (as if she wasn’t going to be one already). : )


  3. We were going for the black and white stimulation factor. Plus black, white, red, pink….whatever. That’s just kinda my scheme in general. So I’m really happy it all worked (is working) out. Thanks for the tip on the paper at Michaels. I looked for some for-real drawer liners but none are super cute so I’m gonna have to figure out some way to jimmy something down in there. I was also thinking about collaging them but I’m not sure how accessible the bottom of a drawer is!

    Are you heading upwards for Mother’s day? We are heading down and, I was talking to Cynthia, she mentioned something about you guys going to the beach and I was wondering if that meant you might be in town.

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