Ugh, so I’ve spent the last three weeks working on getting my iron levels up. Through food in the hopes of avoiding taking an iron supplement and the side effects known to go along with that. I found out yesterday my levels had dropped from 36-something to 31.7. Hence the recommendation of an iron supplement. According to the doc, forty is optimal, under 35 needs attention and below twenty calls for a transfusion! He was worried my levels would have dropped even further since last month. Well, I got the results back today. The good news, I did get them up! The bad, I only got them up to 32.9. The MA seemed surprised I was able to do that through diet alone, so maybe it was pretty good? I dunno, but 32.9 is still too low so it seems it’s going to be iron supplements for Ali and I.

Today I had to take a quiz in my on-campus class and was happily surprised to discover that was all I had to do. I think the instructor wasn’t feeling well or something. Anyway, it was half an hour instead of three and much appreciated. I came home and laid in bed watching TV and reading magazines. I am really tired today.

I’m excited for tonight because some of our favorite shows are on:

Gilmore Girls

The Bad Girls Club

Tori and Dean: Inn Love

Jon & Kate Plus 8

And one that I watch: Work Out

Tivo is the only reason we appear to have lives! That and, for the moment, we are still childless…

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