You Just Get Me

Tony has been working on a new website about which we’re working on spreading the word. You answer a series of questions about a person that they also have answered about themselves. If you don’t know them already (or even if you do) profiles include answers to a series of question to help you out. So far Tony and I have proven hard for people who don’t know us to "get." Friends have been able to guess me high (and Cynthia very high!) and I’m the best guesser of all so far….mwahaha. I find great joy in this fact. So, do you just get us?

Click here to guess me:


Come and Guess Me

And here to guess Tony:

 Come and Guess Me

Then make your own profile and do your own answers so we can guess you. Thanks and don’t forget…tell your friends!

5 thoughts on “You Just Get Me

  1. Lettuce not forget that I guessed Ashley’s father (Hi Steve!) much, much higher than she guessed him. So do what you will with that information.

  2. Lettuce? Let us not forget that we BOTH guessed him “high,” me at .531 and you at .532. Much? I think not. Do what you want with the accurate information.

  3. Hey I did….I guessed you very high! .74 or something. Thanks for the support chica. Now make your boy sign up and see how well He knows you šŸ™‚

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