Happy Thursday!

Twenty-six weeks on Sunday

That title is kind a of joke to Tony, who’s been struggling all week keeping the days straight. There is good reason for the boy’s confusion though. To alleviate some of our money struggles he took on an extra project at work, updating a site called Ironmaster. For the last week or so he’s been working almost non-stop…and since his work tends to take place on the world wide web in the first place, it’s hard enough to separate him from it. There’s continuous emails alerting him to bugs or tests in need of fixing or running….RIGHT NOW. His boss has a tendency to send emails anywhere from midnight to four am. If awakened this crazy kid will not only make a point to check his email, he will even go so far as to do the work. This makes for one a tired boy and a confused girl…constantly waking up to either an empty bed or a boy quietly sneaking in and out. The most used phrases in our bedroom are "Where are you going?" "Where were you?" "Buddy, what are you doing?" and "What time did you go to sleep?" Then again, my need for sleep has grown exponentially, so I tend to find anyone’s ability to go without rather incredulous. Bottom line, what a great daddy Ali has and partner I have found. His ability to abstain will no doubt come in quite handy very soon.

In other news, I am very glad to be done with school for the moment. Still waiting on two of my grades, but was happily surprised to get a 4.0 in my ethics class. This afternoon I am going to see my nutritionist in Kenmore. At the start of my pregnancy/recovery I was seeing her once a week but now only go monthly and it’s more of a check-in. As eating is something I’ve struggled greatly with, this support has been phenomenal (and necessary). I’m very grateful this service was something Tony was able to allow me to continue when I stopped working. 

I’m going to go walk on the treadmill now, finish watching The View and then maybe see what was on Tyra this morning. After I get dressed I’m going to try to take some new pics to add to this post. Just this last week I’ve gotten much bigger and suddenly can no longer see below/past my belly. A couple nights ago Tony cut and painted my toenails, because I really can’t get near them these days. And he did a good job!

Lastly, I’d just like to pass word on about a 14-part documentary series starting on HBO tonight. It’s titled Addiction: Why Can’t They Stop? and airs at 9pm. The series is going to continue all weeked and I have heard, though not confirmed, that HBO will be free to all this weekend only. The series will also be available on HBO OnDemand, as will as iTunes. To learn more click here

[Edit: Photos taken and uploaded…check out all of our pics.]

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  1. Ashley, You take my breath away and bring tears to my eyes with the beauty of…..YOU! You are so special, I’m glad to know you. Katy Lewis (Ben’s wife)

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