So it’s finals week and I am so glad to just be getting this done and over with. I started out taking seventeen credit hours this term, but about halfway through downgraded to twelve. I just turned in a fifteen page research paper on, fittingly, parenting students. Very interesting topic. I have a final in just over an hour, for my Drug and Alcohol Survey class but already feel about fifteen pounds lighter having the paper that’s been hanging over my head all term out of the way! And "feeling lighter" begins to carry a lot more meaning when you’re six and a half months pregnant. Tomorrow I have a presentation for my Ethics class. Luckily, I’m pretty blessed as far as public speaking is concerned and have been able to wing such assignments in the past quite successfully. All I need to do tongiht is find a clip of therapy gone wrong. Anyone know of any good movies/scenes? Tony and I brainstormed and came up with What About Bob? (No good clips on YouTube) and Tobias from Arrested Development. Also either Analyze This or That.

After tomorrow I’m free as a bird until the second of April. I’m taking thirteen credits spring quarter. A little wiser this time around, I’m taking one course online, and three seminar style classes (all early in the term to avoid to much in the last moth or two of pregnancy). I should only have to spend one afternoon a week on campus.

Over the break Tony and I are going to Rockaway in Oregon to spend a weekend with my family at our beach house. We are also probably going to visit his mom, Billie, at the Friday Harbor Marine Labs next weekend. My other goals include: cleaning my car both inside and out, clean/organize the house, finish registering and decide what we actually want/need versus what we just thought was cute at the moment, finish organizing all my clothes and hiding away the ones that I don’t anticipate wearing for quite awhile, get some clothes to wear for the warmer weather/larger months, take more pictures, spend time OUTSIDE, write more in this blog as well as in general. Specifically, a gratitude list I’ve been working out in my head for this pregnancy. For example, that fact that looooong shirts are back in again and I can hopefully continue to wear normal[ish] clothes through June.

Alright, gotta go do some last minute refreshing for this test. Or maybe just have a snack….  

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