Some of what we’ve been up to.

Hmmm, that’s a good question. We’ve been home for a week and two days now. We’re leaving again, probably Friday. Really it’s all starting to blur… The weather has been basically extraordinary. Probably a reason for my lack of blogging. There have been a couple grey and rainy days mixed in, which is okay becauseRead more

Why has this taken me so long?

Last Sunday, no not yesterday but the over-a-week-ago Sunday, we were lucky enough to attend my friend Kelsey’s wedding. I’ve known Kelsey forever, probably since first grade at least and we went to the same church from third grade through high school. She married Josh Anderson at Timberline Lodge, and the service was so beautifulRead more

In chronological order.

  Last Monday is was Beeeeeautiful here. But before we could hit the beach Ali and I had to man Off Our Rocker while Tony had a business call. Note the beads, Huggies spray-sunscreen, and what appears to be texting. Oh, and her ADORABLE new hair-do. Baby in her toy box/basket. I got my hairRead more

Doesn’t feel like blogging.

Hmmm. Status update much? If you don’t understand that then you really should enter the social networking arenta where the rest of the world (or at least my generation) plays 24/7. We are all sick here. With some nasty cold that is hardest on Ali since she can’t take any meds for her stuffy noseRead more

Last night on the beach.

Today it was sunny and gorgeous. Warm and only a breeze. Perfect, perfect. Hopefully we get to spend a bit more time enjoying it tomorrow. Assuming, of course, it is nice again. Which is something you actually cannot assume here. Anyway, we can assume that we’re in for some HOT weather when we’re in theRead more