Oh, snap.

There is just so much to be done with too little time. The end of fall quarter in fast approaching and, while I’m looking forward to a bit more free time (or at least free to choose what I do when), it’s kind of come to my attention that acquired quite a to-do list duringRead more

A full plate.

I think I’m developing ADD. Mostly because there just seem to be SO MUCH going on. Though a lot of it is in the distant to not-so-distant future a lot of thinking, deciding, and planning needs to occur in the present. There’s much to be done and now I feel the need to blog aboutRead more

Betting on a lefty.

  Ali has been very into the coloring lately. And she’s still a total lefty! Which makes me happy. Despite being inconveniant at times, I think there’s something very special about lefties- especially left-handed women! Other than that I’m swamped with trying to stay ahead on my schoolwork and plan what the next year holds.Read more