A full plate.

I think I’m developing ADD. Mostly because there just seem to be SO MUCH going on. Though a lot of it is in the distant to not-so-distant future a lot of thinking, deciding, and planning needs to occur in the present. There’s much to be done and now I feel the need to blog aboutRead more

A few notable things.

Bedtime is going great. It’s the middle of the night that’s a struggle. I can only do about one wake up where I put her back down because it takes me forever to fall asleep again. The second time I’m right back in bed with her. Only thing is, we put the trundle Ali andRead more

Sleeping arrangements.

Since we spent two weeks away from home (we returned at the beginning of April) I have spent all but three nights sleeping on the trundle in Ali’s room. With Ali. The first time we reverted back to our old way was the night of Mother’s Day when Ali was really sick. And then theRead more

Some random, some purpose.

First, the odds and ends. Happy Birthday to my mom! And for the birthdays that slipped through my fingers…to my dad on the 6th of this month and my baby sister Alyssa on the 25th of April.  Happy [belated] Birthday to you two as well. Another product of our recent indoor time has been aRead more

Not blogging.

I have not been blogging. As you may have noticed. For a variety of reasons. I am currently spending way to much time READING a blog. I’m consumed. Ali is sick again. On the mend I think but that runny nose was struggling her real bad for awhile. She even had her first throw upRead more

Take your daughter to work day.

At least I’m pretty sure it was. There was an extraordinarily young girl in a Fred Meyer uniform at the store today. And the contractor working next door had one of his little girls with him. So, Tony "took" Ali to work for a bit as well. Adorable, I know. Now, somethings that have beenRead more