My nine month old.

My nine month old is blossoming by the day. Whereas from about four months to eight, she mostly stayed in a similar [sedentary] groove, I am forced now to look ahead to the ever-nearing end of babyhood. My nine month old crawls. She officially started on August 13, 2011 at about 8.5 months old. SheRead more

Six months (twenty-six weeks, 183 days, half a year).

M&M is now days away from the six month mark. I’ve actually been referring to her as “six months” for weeks now; I think to lessen the shock. Now that I’m used to the idea I can be excited for her without being distracted by my own feelings about the half-year mark. In case youRead more

Disney’s “Dinosaur”, a new molar, and an old Woods Hole t-shirt.

More pics! The first is another book that Ali is obsessed with right now. It’s Disney’s book version of the movie Dinosaur and it’s been weeks now that it finds it’s wayto the top of the pile and then is carried over to be read. Only it’s long and has big words andshe never staysRead more