First day of daycare.

This sweet little face knew something was up yesterday morning. The Monday after “spring forward” Daylight Savings was a somewhat unfortunate time for a first day, especially because I was supposed to be at an 8am training. Initially I was going to let Tony do the drop-off (once I realized the time change meant MRead more

My nine month old.

My nine month old is blossoming by the day. Whereas from about four months to eight, she mostly stayed in a similar [sedentary] groove, I am forced now to look ahead to the ever-nearing end of babyhood. My nine month old crawls. She officially started on August 13, 2011 at about 8.5 months old. SheRead more

A nice day.

Sometimes a nice day is just exactly what one needs. Not a fantastic day, or even a great one; these often are sandwiched by build-ups and let-downs (or in the mom’s case clean-up). Too much grandiose calls for exhaustion. And that pull-push pendulum of frenetic energy and depletion is exactly where we’ve been lately. TodayRead more

What Comes In Must Go Out: Solids and Cloth Diapering.

I’ve decided to spare you the visual representation of this sentiment. You can thank me profusely in the comment section 😉 M&M has entered the next phase of babyhood and is now consuming solid foods! We started her a few weeks earlier than we started her sister (Dot first had rice cereal a few daysRead more

Clapping, babbling, cruising….oh yeah, and a pickle!

I think this was the day before yesterday. What she is carrying around is what’s left of an ENTIRE pickle Tony gave her to chew on. Which she ate right up. The joys of teething have been titillating us all as of late. If you don’t usually watch the videos, take a few minutes forRead more

I hate hearing my own voice.

Dinner on Friday night. Ali’s first time having juice. Actually, at this point only, she liked it a bit too much! Includes us working on the signing of "more" and a shout out to Shayla, our other favorite little girl. Oh, and Pup-pup. Seriously though, I hate hearing my own voice on recordings. ESPECIALLY theRead more

Ali eating a lemon slice!

This was at my parents’ house weekend before last. Last night. Took about half hour to get her to fall asleep. Woke up 30-45 minutes later. Another thirty or so minutes. Woke up again before midnight. Finally took her down with us about one. Then woke up this morning at, like, 6:20! Ugh. But, wasRead more