More birthday festivities and a trip to the zoo.

At this point it seems like forever ago, but just afew short weeks ago we were at my parents’ house. We got there on July 16th (I know because the reason for our visit was my getting a wisdom tooth pulled). When we left their house for my appt. we noticed a flatter than flatRead more

I hate hearing my own voice.

Dinner on Friday night. Ali’s first time having juice. Actually, at this point only, she liked it a bit too much! Includes us working on the signing of "more" and a shout out to Shayla, our other favorite little girl. Oh, and Pup-pup. Seriously though, I hate hearing my own voice on recordings. ESPECIALLY theRead more

Progress all around.

Though a little cloudy today and yesterday, the weather here has been gorgeous. Tuesday I spotted flowers blooming out front and plucked one up to put behind Ali’s ear. The niceness has allowed use of Ali’s new stroller which she seems to really enjoy. Also….BIG NEWS! The least two nights Tiny has fallen asleep inRead more