Photoshoot at the park.

What? Well, kind of. Impromptu. And, if you can’t tell, Tony took most of these photos NOT me. He is absolutely the true photographer in the family. Below are some highlights but there’s more from our day at the park. Hmmm, can you tell I’m pretty much at the tail end of my schoolwork this term?Read more

Oh, snap.

There is just so much to be done with too little time. The end of fall quarter in fast approaching and, while I’m looking forward to a bit more free time (or at least free to choose what I do when), it’s kind of come to my attention that acquired quite a to-do list duringRead more

A full plate.

I think I’m developing ADD. Mostly because there just seem to be SO MUCH going on. Though a lot of it is in the distant to not-so-distant future a lot of thinking, deciding, and planning needs to occur in the present. There’s much to be done and now I feel the need to blog aboutRead more

Betting on a lefty.

  Ali has been very into the coloring lately. And she’s still a total lefty! Which makes me happy. Despite being inconveniant at times, I think there’s something very special about lefties- especially left-handed women! Other than that I’m swamped with trying to stay ahead on my schoolwork and plan what the next year holds.Read more

Now I only take pictures with the iPhone.

Ali being a "Monster" in one of Tony’s old sweatshirts. And eating her first sucker today, after having to get a shot. We’ve had a busy few days. My car has been in the shop for a week. Sunday I tried again (one year later) to learn to drive Tony’s stick. I’m just not goodRead more

Surprise, surprise.

After the pumpkin patch we stopped to have lunch at Sonic(!), which was a surprise because I’ve only ever seen/had Sonic in Cali. There Tony surprised me with tickets to Weezer for that night! Apparently he’d bought them back in August. BEFORE Ali started sleeping through the night. Talk about optimistic. The concert was fun,Read more