Whole 30: Days 6-9

As I start the second week of my Whole30, I’d like to point out a few things. The first is that I end up eating on-the-go a LOT (as evidenced by the Rubbermaid) so strike that as an excuse. The second is that I eat (and re-purpose) a lot of leftovers. Some of that isRead more

A DIY Answer to the Dress-up Storage Question.

Our lucky little girls (M will surely inherit her big sister’s legacy) have quite a dress-up stash. When we moved into this house two years ago, Dot began accruing dress-up dresses. First, a Sleeping Beauty get-up as a Christmas gift at two-year-old, then a fancy Cinderella one, on sale from the Disney store for Valentine’sRead more

Pantless: A day in the life

In September I bought new clothes for both my first internship and my new body. Size 6. Snug. (On a side note I’d bought pants for an interview in May. Size 8. I returned them after, not sure they’d still fit me come September. Smart move.) By December they were loose. I could only wearRead more

No ‘poo: Is a shampoo-free lifestyle right for you? For me?

Though it’s been around for awhile, the no ‘poo movement has popped into my conscious in recent weeks. Seriously, I think I’m having one of those moments where life is sending you a message. I first linked to Bambino Steps from a tweet. Then I stumbled upon A Sonoma Garden when searching for a summerRead more

Master of my own Domain.

No, not the Seinfeld version of this statement. I’m talking about “homemaking.” When I was eight months pregnant and returned to school we did one of the best things we could have done. We splurged on a house cleaning service. It began for my birthday and continued for seven months. Because it was just soRead more

Superkids Resale and Twice Around the Block (consignment sales in portland, or)

This is only my second consignment “season” but I was surprised that these sales ended up on the same weekend. On my first go-round this past fall they were a week a part. Since I’m a buyer and not a seller (not yet anyway!) it makes for a big extravaganza. Truth is, we didn’t needRead more

A week of cloth diapering.

This afternoon marks one week, not only of actively cloth diapering, but actively NOT using disposable diapers. We have made it one week without. Though I am not at all overly opposed. I still have a few ‘sposies tucked in my purse and an emergency one in the car and an entire sleeve in theRead more