Paleo Progress (and food porn).

I am loving it. And really, truly embracing this ride. I’m still new (three weeks today). I’m not perfect. But I’m taking the ideas to heart and making changes here, there, and everywhere. And it feels like a major Ah-ha, new-lease-on-life, type thing. But my family just thinks I’m crazy. Which complicates the transition, butRead more

The things that are good.

There are a host of things that are working out well, finally falling into place, or pleasantly surprising lately. The baby sleeps! Well, during the day at least. Naps are now a piece of cake and I’ve lengthened her awake time from 90 minutes to two hours or a little more. This cuts out atRead more

The flu, the yard, the weekend, the week, the craziness.

Oh man, where is the time going? Last week Dot spent Wednesday night throwing up. By Thursday morning she was mostly better. Of course she still spent the day home from daycare. Friday she went back and I was relieved to finish my last of two papers up due last week. Saturday and Sunday weRead more

Crossfit On Ramp and Paleo-lite: Day Five

Going well! I’m feeling good. More importantly I’m feeling better. The workouts are intense as hell (and this is only the skills-building stage!) but quick. I leave my house at ten-to-seven and get home just before 8am. It’s making the days feel crazy long, but not in a bad way. I think some of myRead more