A full plate.

I think I’m developing ADD. Mostly because there just seem to be SO MUCH going on. Though a lot of it is in the distant to not-so-distant future a lot of thinking, deciding, and planning needs to occur in the present. There’s much to be done and now I feel the need to blog aboutRead more

I’m having a girl.

Something I’ve heard TWICE in the last week. It brings back so many memories. And, it’s funny, right after Ali was born I honestly wanted only boys born. If not everywhere, then at least close to us and her. But now she’s older, we are all more secure in who she is. Now I canRead more

Yes, it’s true.

I am so in labor. It started at exactly 7:38pm last ngiht when I decided to began keeping track of the "cramping" I was having. For the next couple hours I had contraction every 8-10 minutes…but they were really short, like fifteen to thirty seconds. I slept from eleven or so until just after midnight,Read more