White Christmas!

I heard from Cynthia that the last time there was a white Christmas (I guess in Portland) was 1937. That’s seventy years!!! What a special event. Ali’s first Christmas, and her first snow! Even funnier, she had just woken from her morning nap and had one present she hadn’t yet opened. It had just begunRead more

The first day of Christmas. This first day of winter. And Tony’s BIRTHDAY!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tony. With a birthday so close to Christmas, his special day so often gets lumped in with Jesus’. This year is no different, as we are having a Christmas party this afternoon. I am so happy and lucky to have this man in my life, as a partner, aRead more

Long nights and late mornings.

Somehow sleeping around here has changed dramatically in the last month or so. Whereas Ali used to go to sleep between nine or ten (I even remember when it was seven-thirty or eight!), lately it’s been more like ten-thirty or eleven-thirty. Ugh. Blech. Not my cup of tea. Plus the ramification of that are sleepingRead more